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Duchess of Kent Day Surgery Unit

What does Day Surgery mean?
Attending, undergoing surgery, initial recovery and returning home again, all within the same day.

Who is suitable for Day Surgery?
Both adults and children can undergo Day Surgery, however, there are specific selection criteria for which patients are assessed.

What procedures can be performed as Day Surgery?
Procedures ranging from removal of moles / lesions and bladder examinations to varicose vein surgery and laparoscopic(keyhole) surgery for gall bladder removal / hernia repair.For a more detailed list of procedures performed click here

Why do I have to undress for minor surgery?
Outdoor clothes should not be worn in theatre as they are a source of infection.

The removal of your own clothes prevents damage to them from skin preparations and bodily fluids.

Why do I have to arrive hours before my operation?
The surgeon and the anaesthetist need to see you and obtain consent. The nursing staff need to admit you and record baseline observations.

This allows for more patients on the list, shorter waiting lists, and avoids time wasted by non-attenders.

Why can't I eat and drink for a few hours prior to my surgery?
Food and drink can stay in the stomach for several hours.

Some drugs used increase the chance of nausea and vomiting.

Whilst asleep any undigested food can enter the lungs, causing illness.

Why can't I drive for 24 hours after my operation?
The law and Insurance Companies classify driving under the influence of anaesthetic drugs the same as if it were alcohol. The accepted time of effect is 24 hours.

Allergic reactions, bleeding or drowsiness may occur hours later.

If I am ill after my operation will I have to go home?
If you have greater than acceptable pain, vomiting or other medical complications, it may be necessary to admit you overnight to a hospital ward.

Drugs can be provided if needed to maintain agreed pain levels.

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