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Duchess of Kent Day Surgery Unit

  • The provision of excellent patient care by valued and well trained staff within available resources.
  • To be recognised as a provider of excellent patient care.
  • We aim to provide high quality care within a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, by our appropriately trained team.
  • During your stay, you and your named nurse will plan your care to suit your individual needs, ensuring dignity, courtesy and confidentiality at all times.
  • We will offer advice and support to your family/friends and provide the relevant information to ensure your care is complete
  • Our ongoing philosophy is to provide the child and his/her family with a safe, warm, friendly and relaxed environment which encourages parental/carer involvement with their child.
  • We aim to promote the physical, emotional and social well-being of the child and provide information and health promotion throughout the child's stay which we hope will enable the parent/carer to confidently care for the child post-operatively in the home.
  • All children will be directly under the care of a primary nurse, suitably qualified in caring for children, who will be supported and assisted by associate nurses.
  • The care your child will receive will be planned to meet their individual needs and requirements. We hope your child's stay will be as brief and pleasant as possible.
  • As a unit we have standards of service that users can expect, these standards are monitored and reviewed for performance. We publish the results, following independent validation, wherever possible.


You will be allocated a named nurse who will be responsible for your nursing care during your stay. A qualified nurse will greet you, on the day of admission, within 5 minutes of your admission time. In addition you can expect all staff to wear their name badge for ease of identification.


You will be treated as an individual ensuring courtesy, dignity and privacy at all times.


We will provide you with information to help you the patient, in making decisions about the care you receive.


Wherever possible, we will ensure that you are offered choices about your admission. You will be given an admission date for your day surgery at the outpatient consultation or at pre-admission screening, if this date is not suitable we will endevour to offer you a mutually accpetable date. We will also provide and share information with you to assist in making an informed decision as to whether day surgery or an inpatient admission is appropriate to your care requirements.


You will be given the opportunity to make comments or suggestions as to how we can improve our service. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your care we will make every effort to resolve the problem straightaway. If you remain dissatisfied we will advise you how to make a complaint.


We aim to answer all telephone calls within 7 rings (21 seconds), and the member of staff answering will give their name.


Your operation should not be cancelled on the day that you are admitted. If it is, you can expect to be readmitted again within one month.


We will involve you (and your carer's), in in the decision making process about your discharge from the unit.

  • We will advise you on any continuing care needs you might need to have met.
  • We will not discharge you until you are comfortable.

Mission Statement

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