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Duchess of Kent Day Surgery Unit

What will happen on the day?
1. When you arrive at the unit you should report to the reception area, where your name will be taken. You will then be asked to take a seat in the waiting area, until you are shown to the preoperative lounge.

We, the Day Surgery Unit team wish to make your visit as comfortable as possible and have compiled this information as to what will happen on the day of surgery, to help answer some of the questions you may have. The unit is a mixed sex area, but we endeavour to ensure privacy and maintain your dignity at all times.

2. You will have a named nurse allocated to you, who will begin the admission process, and explain the proposed procedure. During this time your weight will be checked , and your blood pressure taken. An identity bracelet will also be secured around your wrist, in order that patient identification can be confirmed throughout your stay.

3. Following admission, you will be seen by both the anaesthetist, and the surgeon. This meeting enables consent to be taken, and offers an opportunity for the anaesthetist to explain the anaesthetic.

4. When you originally see a surgeon in the outpatient clinic a decision will be made about a general or local anaesthetic. If you are to have a local anaesthetic you will not usually see the anaesthetist on the day of surgery. For more information about general, and local anaesthetics click here

5. You will wait in the pre operative lounge for a short while before you are expected to go into theatre. You will then be taken by your named nurse to the changing area were you will be asked to change into a theatre gown.

6. A detailed check will take place before you are taken into theatre. This check will be done by your named nurse and another member of staff, and you will be asked to give your name and date of birth, and also confirm what surgery you are going to have. Following this your named nurse will take you into theatre and stay with you throughout your surgery.

7. In the recovery area you will be looked after by a member of staff, and your named nurse.

8. Once a suitable amount of time has elapsed after your surgery, and you and the recovery team feel you are ready you may get dressed. You will then be asked to take a seat in the comfortable discharge lounge.

9. Your named nurse will ensure that you are fit to be discharged, and ensure that arrangements are made for you escort to collect you. You will be told at this time of any further appointments, your after care again and given any medications.

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